Young Children & Worship

Young Children and Worship is a worship experience for young children and their parents, led by Mickey Fitts and Deb O’Brien who serve as worship leaders each week. This is an opportunity for parents to learn practical, age-appropriate ways of engaging children in worship.

Typically, this ministry is offered during 8:30 and 11:00 worship services as a tool to help children transition from the Nursery to the full hour of worship in the Sanctuary.

At this time, Young Children and Worship is not gathering in-person at the church due to Covid-19. Instead we are offering pre-recorded Young Children and Worship sessions for families to use at home. Click here to see the story for this week!

We invite parents and their children (age 4, 5, 6 or in the Faith, Love and Grace groups in particular) to participate virtually on Sunday mornings.

What We Do

Young Children & Worship introduces children to the meaning and actions of corporate worship in age-appropriate ways. We offer an exciting way for children to experience God using a sensorimotor style of Bible storytelling, followed by a time of wondering about the story, and a time to respond to the stories of God through art materials. Children do love and worship God; by worshiping in a special place, apart the the worshiping congregation, young children become able to worship meaningfully with the congregation.

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