Sneak Preview of Youth Group

The Youth ministry is hosting a Sneak Preview for the Confirmation Class this Sunday, May 7, during the Sunday School hour (9:45-10:45 A.M.).   The Confirmation Class will join with the youth for food, fellowship, and a short devotional in the Gathering Place. Confirmands will be paired with a high school “buddy” to walk around, play games, and answer any questions they might have about the youth group. We will also take a class picture and introduce them to the volunteers who will be teaching them in Sunday school, leading their small groups, etc. next year.


At the end of the Sunday school hour, confirmands will worship as a class in the front pews with their Small Group Leaders and the rest of the youth group.  They will travel directly from The Gathering Place to the Sanctuary with their leaders (as they did this past week).



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