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Hymn of the Month Club for Doxology Choristers

We are so excited to bring you our Hymn of the Month Club for this church choir year! This club will help you to develop a list of hymns that will stay with you throughout your lifetime to comfort you, bring you joy, and give you the ability to worship through song whenever you choose! What a blessing! How does the club work? For Hosanna Choir, we will simply become familiar with the hymns, listening to them and singing them several times throughout the month. Doxology choristers will have the pleasure of memorizing the first verse of each monthly hymn, and then singing it to Mrs. Brianna for credit. If you memorize 7 of the 8 hymns, you will receive a special prize at the end of the year. This is a no-pressure club and not meant to create anxiety or stress in any of our singers. They can choose to sing for Mrs. Brianna before or after rehearsal, Sunday morning, or even over the phone. It's a fun and rewarding challenge! Questions? Contact Mrs. Kelly.

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