Reaching Out Together Milestone lessons will be held in October

During October 5 and 6 year olds in Love and Grace will be learning about the inclusion of ALL God’s children in the family of faith.  Through books and “buddy talks,” your child will be introduced to the many ways people are the same and the unique ways people are different.

In addition, your child will be introduced to Stu Bear, a cuddly teddy bear who will travel home with each child at some point in the year to learn how families share, care, and help others.  Stu Bear will also bring his journal for families to use in learning about each other!

On October 25th (and periodically throughout the year), your child’s Sunday School group will host a special “guest” who will come and share his or her interests and uniqueness with the children. This year, some guests will have special needs, while some will be from different cultures, and others are from a different generation.  All different and diverse – yet all are included in God’s family!

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