Lent 2018

The season of Lent begins this year on Ash Wednesday, February 14.

As we walk through the 40 days of Lent with children, it’s meaningful to mark the days of the season together.  We search our hearts, shout Hosanna with the crowd on Palm Sunday, share the bread and the cup at the Last Supper, bear the sorrow of Jesus’ death on the cross, and celebrate the joyful day of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Lenten Devotions for the Congregation  — Our Father:   Sharing the Lord’s Prayer in the season of Lent

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray, he began with the words, “Our Father.” From the beginning, our Lord’s prayer shapes us as a community of disciples. Prayer not only draws us into fellowship with God; it knits us together as one people who look for signs of the kingdom of God.

This Lent at First Presbyterian, we will pursue our mission in worship, education, and service to know Christ and to make Christ known.

In worship, our Sunday scriptures, prayers, and hymns will be inspired by the Lord’s Prayer and Pastor Todd’s sermon each week will be on a section of this prayer.

In education, resources from our confessions, catechisms and current books will be shared to offer insight into the prayer for those looking to go deeper.

In service, opportunities will be shared: to make offerings for the needy, to participate in local mission, and to go on mission trips. A particular emphasis will be the invitation to see and share signs of the kingdom in ordinary Christian service.

Throughout Lent, members are invited to focus on the Lord’s Prayer in existing small groups, or to join new Communities of Belonging established just for this season. Discussion guides will be provided.

Your family can gather together and find holy space throughout the Lenten season, as you count the 40 days (and 6 Sundays) of the season that begins with Ash Wednesday on February 14 and ends with Easter Sunday on April 1.

Check Here for Ideas to Use with Children

Supplements to help families have meaningful devotions in their homes will be available on this page as well as families will be provided with a “Lord’s Prayer” bag through Children’s Sunday School.

 Gathering the Family for Lenten Devotions

A short and sweet devotional time together with the family is usually the best kind!  Using mealtimes or other natural gathering times may help hold children’s attention and set everyone up for a great experience.  Light a candle to symbolize the presence of Christ among you, and share the section of the Lord’s Prayer together.  The most important thing is that you are taking time to be unhurried, quiet, at peace – a moment out of an otherwise busy day to spend some time being together, being with God, and reflecting on the meaning of the Lenten season.  As Christians in community, we prepare our hearts through the “waiting time” of Lent in preparation for the joyful celebration of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday.

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