Letter from Director

Building Faith Foundations for Life with our Children

At First Presbyterian Church, we take educating and nurturing our children in the faith seriously! Read over the glimpses from the Sunday School teachers and study the faces of the children. Christ is surely present in this place!

Sunday School is an investment in our children. When parents work side-by-side with the church, a strong foundation, built on Christ, is laid in the child’s life. A foundation that provides abundant joy and life. A foundation that will be tested through the turbulent teen years and tried through the storms of life.

Through study and prayer, the Children’s Committee has developed a Vision Statement. In order to begin living into this vision, we further developed the 3 “R”s of faithful foundations:

  • Recognize – knowing and trusting God through Jesus Christ.
  • Respond – obeying Jesus Christ and making Him known through our lives.
  • Remember – discovering, hearing and learning the Bible stories in Sunday School.

The 3 “R”s lay a firm foundation.

It is our hope and prayer that we, as the household of God, can embrace this vision for our children and work together to bring it to fruition in the life of every child entrusted to us.

Deb O’Brien
Children’s Educator




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