February Grade 4

February 28:

Recap: The Israelites are living in a time of constant conflict. Judges rise up to lead battles but the people continue to commit idolatry and fall away from the One True God. Into this time come Ruth, Samuel and David, faithful followers of God.
Watch the video about Ruth.

As you watch, listen for the faithful human decisions that God uses for God’s plan to restore Naomi and who are the ancestors of the Messiah, Jesus. Write what you hear on the plaid part of Infographic #8-Piece by Piece.

February 21:

Recap: God promised to bless the Israelites, the descendants of Abraham, so they could be a blessing to the other nations. God delivered God’s people from slavery in Egypt and the people wandered in the wilderness as they learned to worship one True God and witness God’s provision for them.  This week we explore what happened when the people entered the land promised to them through their ancestor Abraham.

Watch the video on Joshua
Look at Map #4 in the NRSV Student Bible and identify the land of 11 sons of Jacob. Which son of Jacob was not given land and why? Check out Joshua 13:14 to learn the answer.

February 14

Watch these two videos and look up Matt. 22:37-39 and see how Jesus interprets the Law and gives us the most important law. Remember it and be ready to share it with a small group during your zoom.




February 7

Watch this video then use Map # 3 of your NRSV Student Bible to look at the geography of the Exodus and where the people traveled. Be prepared to talk about the topography of the area near Mt. Sinai. (to give perspective, Nashville is at 597 feet above sea level.)


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