February- 5th grade

February 28:

Recap: You’ve looked at the cherished stories about Jesus. Now we turn our attention to the healing stories; exploring what happened when Jesus healed people.
Watch Two stories of healing


And  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I1bG-s44Cw&t=60s

And have some fun Creating a word cloud for a healing story:  

  • Go to pg. 1343 of your NRSV Student Bible. Pick a healing story from the list.
  • Go Here and enter your chosen scripture then click on the “Search” button.
  • Go to the “Page Options” icon (the icon looks like a gear), uncheck “Verse Numbers.” Copy the text from the passage (by highlighting the text and then hitting Ctrl + C).
  • Go Here and click on “File.”  (wordcloud.com is a free online word cloud generator)
  • Select “Paste/Type text” and paste the Bible passage in the text box. Then paste your text into the pop-up box by hitting Ctrl + V.
  • Click “Apply.” Notice what words are given prominence.
  • Play with the features on the word cloud generator, such as theme, font, and shape.
  • Bring your word cloud to the zoom meeting to share with the group.

February 21

  1. Watch the Video –Jesus’ baptism.
  2. Read Matthew 17:1-8 and compare that story to the Baptism of Jesus story you saw in the video.  What is similar in the stories? What is different? Write your ideas on your Infographic #8 Miracles.
  3. To learn more: Read Exodus 34:29-35.
  • I wonder why Moses’ face in the Exodus story and the faces of Jesus, Moses and Elijah from our Matthew passage glowed?
  • I wonder what it feels like to talk directly to God?
  • I wonder why Peter, James and John were afraid?

February 14

  1. Watch Part 1 of John’s Gospel
  2. As you watch the video listen for, and write down, all the names given to Jesus or that Jesus gives himself. Brings these to the Zoom meeting to talk about them with your group.

February 7

Watch these two videos and be prepared to share an answer to this question from the video: What do you think Jesus meant when he talked about his kingdom as upside down?

Luke part 1

Luke part 2

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