Faith Formation Lessons- Lent

Boosting Faith with Lent Devotions
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February 17 is the start of the season of Lent.  For 40 days, we get ready to celebrate the mystery of Easter.  It traditionally has been a time for us to reflect deeply on how we are loving God and loving others.  

Lent 2021 finds us all still dealing with a pandemic, sadness, and anxiety, with hope on the horizon with the rollout of vaccines.Lent 2021 offers you and your family the chance to evaluate what you had to strip back and leave behind in 2020.  Many of us discovered  what our family truly valued.

The family devotion for 1st-6th graders: is “Reflections on the Heart” and uses the Scripture “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  The 6 weekly sessions are easy-to-use and are delivered with materials you might need, including a wooden cross to display in your home-worship space.

Families with children in Kindergarten and younger can register (if you are not already registered for Faith@Home) to receive Lent devotions centered on the song “Jesus Loves Me” and Bible lessons for March and April.  They are provided one/child.

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