Faith At home: Easter Surprises

Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen Indeed. Here are 5 stories of Jesus’s appearances after His resurrection to share with your family. The pdf below gives you a flow for your time together:  Share the story using your own Bible reading or listening to one of the audio stories provided from Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible; discuss the story using wondering questions provided; choose 1 or more family activities to do together to help family members connect the story to their life.

Easter Surprises – Faith at home

Woman at the Tomb-Luke 24:1-12

Story version| Commentary on Luke 24

Memory and Surprise-Luke 24:13-35

story version| Commentary on Luke 24

Mary Finds her friend-John 20:11-18

Listen to the Story Here 
In the Garden | Optical illusions for Kids
Commentary on passage

Thomas Wants to see-John 20:19-31

Listen to the story 

Music video | story by kids | commentary on passage

Jesus Gives Peter a Job-John 21:15-19

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