Donations needed to prepare for April 22 Milestone

In April at their Milestone Celebration the children in the Love and Grace groups, along with their parents, will create Manna bags to give to the homeless as a caring act of reaching out. To make the manna bags, the following supplies are needed: 16 or 20 oz. bottles of water, Protein bars (chewy not crunchy) and 4 oz. plastic containers of fruit.

Manna bags, named for the food provided by God in the desert during the Israelites time of wandering, are bags that contain healthy foods or items needed by those living on the streets. Families at the Milestone celebration will be encouraged to carry these in their car to give away when they see someone in need.

Your donation before the Milestone of the three items is appreciated. You will find the collection bin at the Children’s Welcome Desk.

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