Faith@Home | June 2021

Living Together | Acts 2:42-47

Click Here to get suggested Faith Formation activities for your family for the month of June. Options for different age groups to do at home with your family as well as community events to attend in-person.

5th grade May 2021

May 16:

Watch this video about the Letter to the Romans.

Look at Infographic #18 Letters let you Learn. Check out when the letters were written including the letter to the Romans and II Timothy.

May 9:

We will review Paul’s story and look at the development of the early church.

Check out this video about Saul/Paul then read how Paul describes his meeting with Jesus. Paul is in the Temple and about to be arrested so he asks to tell his story: Read Acts 22:3-16.


May 2:

Watch Pastor’s Josh’s video about the Sacraments:

Be prepared to talk about the reasons we observe two sacraments in our church.

5th grade in April

April 25:

We have been looking at Jesus’ words and stories. This week we turn to what Jesus said about prayer and specifically at the prayer Jesus taught his disciples to pray as a blueprint for their prayer life.
On the back of Infographic # 14-  Jesus and Prayer, write down the Lord’s prayer leaving space between each line. Bring this infographic to your zoom.

Here are two sung versions of the Lord’s Prayer. Which speaks to you as you pray?

Lord’s Prayer sung version 1

Lord’s Prayer sung version 2

April 18:

Before Sunday watch this video

Then read this story in Luke 10:25-37. Do you notice any differences in the way the movie creators tell the story and the way the scripture is written? What did Jesus mean when he told the lawyer to “Go and do likewise?” verse 37.

April 11:

As we continue to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, we turn to look at the sayings of Jesus and what they tell us about how we are to live as followers of the risen Christ.

To prepare for Sunday’s Zoom: Read John 4:1-14 then watch this video about the Water of life. 

Write questions you have about the video in Jesus’ robe of infographic #12, Sayings of Jesus.  Think about these questions:

  • In what ways does your life bring goodness to other’s lives?
  • In what ways have you experienced the living water Jesus is talking about?

Our 5th graders are gathering to play and worship together on April 18, 2:30-5:30 p.m. Please let us know your child is coming through this RSVP link.

A bag of items is being delivered to 5th graders this week by their small group leaders. Some of the items will be used on Sunday’s Zoom.

March-5th grade

For April 4

We will not be zooming this week but check out this interactive space to explore  Jesus’ death and Resurrection.

March 7-

This week we look at some events in Jesus’ life that happened before his arrest and death. We call these cherished stories because they tell us a lot about Jesus and how he saw his ministry on earth.

Watch the video about Jesus’ trial and Peter’s denial

Use your NRSV Student Bible and scan the headings of Mark chapters 11-16.  Write down on Infographic #10, all the events of Jesus’ last week as told in Mark chapters 11-16.

If we didn’t know these stories, what would we not understand about Jesus? (Think about the Last Supper, Jesus cleansing the temple and Jesus entering Jerusalem.)

February- 5th grade

February 28:

Recap: You’ve looked at the cherished stories about Jesus. Now we turn our attention to the healing stories; exploring what happened when Jesus healed people.
Watch Two stories of healing


And have some fun Creating a word cloud for a healing story:  

  • Go to pg. 1343 of your NRSV Student Bible. Pick a healing story from the list.
  • Go Here and enter your chosen scripture then click on the “Search” button.
  • Go to the “Page Options” icon (the icon looks like a gear), uncheck “Verse Numbers.” Copy the text from the passage (by highlighting the text and then hitting Ctrl + C).
  • Go Here and click on “File.”  ( is a free online word cloud generator)
  • Select “Paste/Type text” and paste the Bible passage in the text box. Then paste your text into the pop-up box by hitting Ctrl + V.
  • Click “Apply.” Notice what words are given prominence.
  • Play with the features on the word cloud generator, such as theme, font, and shape.
  • Bring your word cloud to the zoom meeting to share with the group.

February 21

  1. Watch the Video –Jesus’ baptism.
  2. Read Matthew 17:1-8 and compare that story to the Baptism of Jesus story you saw in the video.  What is similar in the stories? What is different? Write your ideas on your Infographic #8 Miracles.
  3. To learn more: Read Exodus 34:29-35.
  • I wonder why Moses’ face in the Exodus story and the faces of Jesus, Moses and Elijah from our Matthew passage glowed?
  • I wonder what it feels like to talk directly to God?
  • I wonder why Peter, James and John were afraid?

February 14

  1. Watch Part 1 of John’s Gospel
  2. As you watch the video listen for, and write down, all the names given to Jesus or that Jesus gives himself. Brings these to the Zoom meeting to talk about them with your group.

February 7

Watch these two videos and be prepared to share an answer to this question from the video: What do you think Jesus meant when he talked about his kingdom as upside down?

Luke part 1

Luke part 2

Grades 4-5 February

February 7

4th grade-Watch this video then use Map # 3 of your NRSV Student Bible to look at the geography of the Exodus and where the people traveled. Be prepared to talk about the topography of the area near Mt. Sinai. (to give perspective, Nashville is at 597 feet above sea level.)

5th grade-Watch these two videos and be prepared to share an answer to this question from the video: What do you think Jesus meant when he talked about his kingdom as upside down?

Luke part 1

Luke part 2

4th and 5th grade sessions in 2021

4th graders and their leaders will be doing an overview of the Old Testament while the 5th graders will be doing an overview of the New Testament as part of the Journey to Confirmation.

January 31

4th grade- Watch the video then Look at Infographic # 4 Creating Order from Chaos and complete the four boxes on the top of the page. Be prepared to talk about these questions in small groups during our zoom.

5th grade-Watch both videos Matthew 1  and Matthew 2
Be prepared to share an answer to this question from the videos: What does the name Emmanuel mean?

January 24

4th & 5th Grade Groups 
Before Sunday, watch the video then look at a timeline of the events in the New Testament. You were given one when you received your Bible as a third grader. If you don’t have that one, google one. What is the time span that the New Testament covers? How is that different from the time line of the Old Testament? Why do you think there is such a difference?

January 17

4th and 5th grade groups

Watch the video  then look at Infographic #2 One Epic story. Pick a name from the juggling pins in the center of the graphic and read about that person. Be prepared to share 2 facts about the person you read about.  

January 10

4th and 5th grade groups

Watch the video about how we got the translations of our Bible then, using your NRSV Student Bible’s Table of Contents and the infographic about the Biblical Canon (Infographic#1) and find the five books talked about on the page that didn’t make it in our biblical canon. Be prepared to talk about a why you think some books made it into the canon and why some did not.  

Groups begin a new study – Read ALL details below

4th & 5th Grade Groups | Journey to Confirmation

What’s New?
Our 4th and 5th graders are continuing their Confirmation Journey which will culminate at the end of their 6th grade year with the opportunity to declare from themselves that Jesus is their Lord and Savior. To prepare them to make their profession of faith, we spend the 4th grade year doing an overview of the Old Testament and the themes that carry through the whole of scriptures. In 5th grade we do a survey of the New Testament.

Thursdays (in Thursday newsletter)
A short video is provided for your tween (and you) to watch PRIOR to Sunday’s Zoom. Because our Zoom time is limited, we ask that your 4th or 5th grader do a little preparation before they come to the zoom meeting.

Sundays at 10:00 AM 
We will be using the next 16 weeks to dig deeper into the Old and New Testament surveys via zoom on Sundays at 10:00. We will also explore and discuss the contents of the weekly video. Look for the Zoom invitation in your email each week from your child’s leader.

Weekly Small Group Check-In Zooms
4th grade – begins soon.
5th grade – check-ins resume on Monday, January 11.

This Week’s Video & Project (complete before Sunday)
Watch the Youtube video below. Use your NRSV Student Bible’s (the one you received as a third grader) Table of Contents and the infographic about the Biblical Canon (Infographic#1) that will be delivered to your home this week and find the five books talked about on the page that didn’t make it in our biblical canon. Be prepared to talk about why you think some books made it into the canon and why some did not.

Video Link :

See You in the New Year

Groups will re-gather starting January 10th with a new study:  
4th grade –  Overview of the Old Testament
5th grade – Overview of the New Testament
Missed joining a group?   Contact Tina Rose

4th & 5th Grade Session Videos

NOTE: These videos are password protected due to copy-write; see the weekly newsletter email for details.

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September 27:

Session 1 | To Be Blessed

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