4th and 5th grade sessions in 2021

4th graders and their leaders will be doing an overview of the Old Testament while the 5th graders will be doing an overview of the New Testament as part of the Journey to Confirmation.

January 31

4th grade- Watch the video then Look at Infographic # 4 Creating Order from Chaos and complete the four boxes on the top of the page. Be prepared to talk about these questions in small groups during our zoom.

5th grade-Watch both videos Matthew 1  and Matthew 2
Be prepared to share an answer to this question from the videos: What does the name Emmanuel mean?

January 24

4th & 5th Grade Groups 
Before Sunday, watch the video then look at a timeline of the events in the New Testament. You were given one when you received your Bible as a third grader. If you don’t have that one, google one. What is the time span that the New Testament covers? How is that different from the time line of the Old Testament? Why do you think there is such a difference?

January 17

4th and 5th grade groups

Watch the video  then look at Infographic #2 One Epic story. Pick a name from the juggling pins in the center of the graphic and read about that person. Be prepared to share 2 facts about the person you read about.  

January 10

4th and 5th grade groups

Watch the video about how we got the translations of our Bible then, using your NRSV Student Bible’s Table of Contents and the infographic about the Biblical Canon (Infographic#1) and find the five books talked about on the page that didn’t make it in our biblical canon. Be prepared to talk about a why you think some books made it into the canon and why some did not.  

Faith Formation Lessons- Lent

Boosting Faith with Lent Devotions
Register for one here 

February 17 is the start of the season of Lent.  For 40 days, we get ready to celebrate the mystery of Easter.  It traditionally has been a time for us to reflect deeply on how we are loving God and loving others.  

Lent 2021 finds us all still dealing with a pandemic, sadness, and anxiety, with hope on the horizon with the rollout of vaccines.Lent 2021 offers you and your family the chance to evaluate what you had to strip back and leave behind in 2020.  Many of us discovered  what our family truly valued.

The family devotion for 1st-6th graders: is “Reflections on the Heart” and uses the Scripture “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  The 6 weekly sessions are easy-to-use and are delivered with materials you might need, including a wooden cross to display in your home-worship space.

Families with children in Kindergarten and younger can register (if you are not already registered for [email protected]) to receive Lent devotions centered on the song “Jesus Loves Me” and Bible lessons for March and April.  They are provided one/child.

Growing in God’s Love – Healings and Miracles

We explore four unique healing stories of Jesus.

January 10

Friends Who Help

Luke 5:17-26

Listen to the Story Here

Commentary Link |Binkle’s Time to Fly |Friendship Soup

January 17

Jesus Heals a Woman and a Girl

Luke 8:40-56

Listen to the Story Here

Commentary | Mem Fox book

January 24

Jesus Heals with Words

John 4:46-54

Listen to the Story Here

Commentary | God gave us Words

January 31

A Canaanite Woman Does not Give Up

Matthew 15:21-28

Listen to the Story Here

Commentary |Ruby Bridges

Parent Information Gathering for families with four year olds

On Sunday, April 5 at 9:35 a.m. parents with children who were three in August 2019 will meet to talk with Sunday School leaders about what your child has been learning this year. This is a great time to learn in what ways our faith community supports you as your child ages out of the nursery this summer and next fall.

We hope you will join us for this time of conversation and fellowship. The Gathering will conclude by 10:00 so you have time to get to your Sunday school group as well.

Reaching Out Together Milestone Celebration to be held on March 29 at 9:45

Our Love and Grace groups (children who were 5 and 6 in the fall of 2019) will hold their Milestone Celebration with parents in Grundy Hall on March 29.

The Reaching Out Together Milestone invites children to look past themselves and differences they see in people to see common elements, look for ways to show kindness to new friends and see each person they meet as a child of God.

During the Sunday School year guests have visited each group and shared something about themselves.

One guest who uses a walker for safe mobility asked the children if they saw anything different about her and the group was puzzled by the question. They saw the person, not the walker. May we all reach out in this way using the example of this group of children.


Third graders welcome pastors to speak in their Sunday School groups

During the months of March and April, several of our pastors will make guest appearances in the third grade Sunday School groups. They will share their favorite Bible verse as well as answer questions from the children.

These guest visits offer our third graders a chance to meet pastors whom they often only see at the pulpit.

1st grade Milestone on Baptism

Our first graders and their parents gathered on Sunday, February 2 for the Milestone celebration that concluded three weeks of Sunday School session on the sacrament of Baptism. 5th graders offered a dramatic presentation on Jesus’ baptism, Pastor Ryan spoke to the children and surprised them with a sprinkle of water, and Ms. Roxie Gibson shared her book, Hey God, What’s Baptism?



Second Grade Milestone Celebration to include service of the Lord’s Supper

On March 1, 2020 at 9:45 a.m. second graders and their parents will gather in Stanford Chapel with Pastor Sarah Bird to celebrate and participate in a service of the Lord’s Supper. This event culminates three weeks of sessions on the Lord’s Supper, its’ connection to the Jewish Passover Festival, and exploring, during Sunday School, the story of Jesus’ last meal with his disciples .

Milestone celebrations help families mark key times in a child’s faith development.


5th grade retreat about serving God and getting to know ourselves and our group members

Our 5th graders met for a day long retreat on January 25, 2020. Their day was filled with getting acquainted activities, planning a worship service for families, preparing a meal and serving at Preston Taylor Ministries.

4th grade retreat helps tweens see how they are connected to the community of God.

Our 4th graders will gather on Sunday, February 23, 2020 to celebrate their connection to the community of faith we call First Presbyterian. Their time together will include Sunday School, worship, lunch, service project for Room in the Inn and lots of fun and games that will culminate with dessert with parents and a blessing circle.

Retreat begins at 9;45 in C 118. Parents are invited to return to Courtenay Hall at 3:10 for dessert and formal closing with the retreat concluding at 3:30.

To participate in the 4th grade retreat, please register here.

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