August 19 – The Journey to Confirmation Continues

The 5th grade year builds on the Old Testament foundation laid during the 4th grade year at First Presbyterian Church!   During the 5th grade year, we nudge our young people towards claiming the faith as their own.   We gently place more and more responsibility on  for reading the Bible, praying (even outloud), attending worship, and other practices that form our faith

The year will be filled with studying the New Testament in what is called a “survey” mode, or an overview of the stories, so that God’s plan and story line is emphasized more than single-story exploration.   The leaders will use an approach called “problem-based learning” to engage young minds in critical thinking, a necessary skill with Scripture as they move towards making their own profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The year will also be filled with intentional gatherings so that our young people can form new friendships and deepen old friendships in their group.   Watch for details as leaders will set up times for the 4th grade group to worship-together-as-a-class, join together for their Milestone Retreat, and much more.

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