4th grade-April

April 25:

Major prophets spoke to the people before the Exile to warn them to change their ways. They also spoke to during the exile to offer hope.
Minor Prophets (called minor because of their short writings) spoke to the people as they returned to Israel.
Before Sunday:

Watch the videos below to hear the story of Nehemiah

Enact: Look at Infographic #11. Check out the right side of the page and read the boxes under Major or Minor. Why are some prophets called major and some minor?

Nehemiah part 1

Nehemiah part 2

April 18:

Where we left off: The people of God are in Exile in Babylon. God still sends prophets to share God’s message with them while in Exile. The Major Prophets speak to the people.
Before Sunday:

Watch this video about Jeremiah.  

Listen for why Jeremiah is called by God to announce the destruction of Judah. Then check out Infographic # 11-How to Spot a Prophet. Look for the names of the 4 Major Prophets. Pick one to read about using the Scriptures suggested on the infographic under each prophets’ name.

April 11:

Before Easter we looked at the Destruction of Jerusalem, the Temple and the exile of the people to foreign lands.  Now we turn to stories of what happened to some specific people during the Exile.

Before Sunday:  Watch a video about Daniel

Look at the top of the left side of infographic #10: Ditching God’s Directions. How many years were the Hebrew people in captivity? In how many books of the Bible can we read about the Babylonian exile?  

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