4th and 5th grade sessions in 2021

4th graders and their leaders will be doing an overview of the Old Testament while the 5th graders will be doing an overview of the New Testament as part of the Journey to Confirmation.

January 31

4th grade- Watch the video then Look at Infographic # 4 Creating Order from Chaos and complete the four boxes on the top of the page. Be prepared to talk about these questions in small groups during our zoom.

5th grade-Watch both videos Matthew 1  and Matthew 2
Be prepared to share an answer to this question from the videos: What does the name Emmanuel mean?

January 24

4th & 5th Grade Groups 
Before Sunday, watch the video then look at a timeline of the events in the New Testament. You were given one when you received your Bible as a third grader. If you don’t have that one, google one. What is the time span that the New Testament covers? How is that different from the time line of the Old Testament? Why do you think there is such a difference?

January 17

4th and 5th grade groups

Watch the video  then look at Infographic #2 One Epic story. Pick a name from the juggling pins in the center of the graphic and read about that person. Be prepared to share 2 facts about the person you read about.  

January 10

4th and 5th grade groups

Watch the video about how we got the translations of our Bible then, using your NRSV Student Bible’s Table of Contents and the infographic about the Biblical Canon (Infographic#1) and find the five books talked about on the page that didn’t make it in our biblical canon. Be prepared to talk about a why you think some books made it into the canon and why some did not.  

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