100 Things Your Child Should Know Before Confirmation – The Gospels

Rebecca Kirkpatrick is an ordained pastor in the PC(USA) and has written an interesting blog called called “Bread, Not Stones” from her experiences teaching the Confirmation Class at her local church.  She has also published a new book, “100 Things Every Child Should Know Before Confirmation.”  It’s worth reading!

Over the course of the next several months, we’ll be re-posting her blog posts for you as she tackles the privilege of guiding our children into a deeper, more trusting relationship with Jesus Christ. May her thoughts, your coaching, and your child’s active participation with their FPC Sunday School small group work together to raise your child to be a faithful follower of our Lord!

So often how we teach our children about Jesusdoesn’t involve reading a standard Bible translation with them. We teach them about Jesus through picture books, nativity sets, children’s Bibles, movies, Sunday school classroom posters, stained glass windows, etc.

I am not arguing against any of these methods of teaching children about Jesus and to be disciples of Jesus, but it is important to be mindful that as a child grows, their understanding and picture of Jesus should grow as well. Obviously the gospels themselves are the best tool to stimulate that growth.

The first step in preparing a student for Confirmation class and an adult understanding of Jesus is helping them to understand what a gospel is in the first place. A gospel is the “Good News,” which in Greek is “euangelion.” (This is where we get the word “evangelism” – to tell the Good News.) Practically, though, a Gospel is a book about Jesus’ life, ministry and teachings.

Most likely, a child who attends worship or Sunday School regularly has heard of the four Gospels that are in the Christian Bible, and these are numbers 41-45 on my list of 100.

36. Matthew
37. Mark
38. Luke
39. John
40. The Acts of the Apostles

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