Sunday School Leader Resources

Welcome to Ministry with Children & Their Families

Children’s Ministry Vision Statement
Where do I find… – a list of supplies, materials and equipment generally available at the church for your use

Best Practices, Policies & Procedures

Emergency Procedure – Fire & Evacuation on Sunday Morning
Emergency Procedure – Severe Weather on Sunday Morning
Statement on Child Protection and Prevention of Child Abuse 
Policies and Procedures for Sunday School – a succinct overview so you know what to do each week for effective ministry
Tips for Sharing Space Creatively – tips for  maximize using the space for growing faith
Talking to Kids in Positive Language: Gaining Cooperation

Nurturing Friendship and Discipleship

Harmony, Peace, Cooperation – Creating an environment where kids encounter Christ’s love
Opening Doors to Discipleship – a four course series in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition to help equip teachers and leaders; create your user id/password
Tips for Building Relationships with Preschoolers

The A-B-C-Ds of Small Group Time:
ideas for Assembling, Bible Study, Claim and Departing

Teaching Teams – Overall responsibilities for small group time
Assembling in God’s Name

Bible Study – Hearing God’s Word
Claim the Faith – Responding to God’s Word
Departing – God Sends Us into the World

Creating Lessons that Ignite Faith

Learning Targets for Children 
Starting the Year – (under construction)
Finishing the Year – ideas for April-May
Styles of Learning – we all have different styles of learning; as you strive to build faith in your classroom, keep these differences in mind to engage each student in the lessons
Crosswalk Bible Study Tools – this website will help you to locate scriptures based on topical or keyword searches, and you can access text in every translation,  including NRSV
Connecting Children’s Literature with our Faith Story – locate books by theme or Scripture verse that add interest and relevancy; lesson ideas from Union Presbyterian Seminary
Movie Clips – locate movie clip downloads by theme or lesson ideas (some are free; some require church login; contact Staff)
PCUSA Children’s Catechism – 66 questions and answers that help you articulate the faith
PCUSA Study Catechism – particularly helpful for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade
PC(USA) Book of Order
PC(USA) Book of Confessions

Group Building activities by Grade Level

Preschool – 1st Grade
2nd – 4th Grade
5th – 6th Grade

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