Parent Resources

We know that raising your child to be a follower of Jesus Christ is important to you. We want to support you with resources that assist you in this calling as a parent.

For Sunday:

Sunday School Companions: download the full Fall 2017 (coming soon)
Children’s Worship Guide: July 2 |  July 9
Sermon Sheet: Download PDF

Faith Resources

Grace Sightings and E-Book (Sunday School companion for 3rd grade and younger)

Click to download the Grace Sightings and E-Book for free (for Kindle or iBook).

You can download the stories either as a seasonal e-book, or each individual session. You’ll also receive age-appropriate activities for children to do at home, and audio recordings that bring the Bible stories to life. It directly correlates with the Sunday School lessons each week. Grace Sightings reach beyond Sunday morning, encouraging children to live their lives as an expression of God’s grace at home and at school.

Children’s Worship Guide
This guide has been designed for children ages 4 through 8, based on the Sunday Worship bulletin. Each week, the Children’s Worship Guide will be posted above. We encourage parents and children to read through the liturgy together before Sunday morning so that children feel comfortable participating in worship alongside their church family. Also be sure to pick one up before entering the Sanctuary for worship; Children’s Worship Guides are available as you enter the Sanctuary.

Print a Sermon Sheet
Designed to help children ages 9 through 12 engage more fully with the sermon, download and print a sermon sheet for your child to use during worship. Copies are also available as you enter the Sanctuary.  It can also serve as a family discussion guide following worship.

Parent Guide Blog
Occasionally, we find amazing articles that we find helpful for parents in faith formation within the family. When we do, we post these on our Parent Guide blog. Parents are welcome to subscribe to this blog and receive a once-weekly email when a post is added.

Other Resources

When your child is on the campus of our church, his or her safety is our top priority. We work very hard to have plans in place in the event of an emergency, like a fire or tornado. Read the details of our emergency procedures.

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