Weekly Chapel Time

prophet-2Our Early Preschool students attend a chapel class once a week led by members of First Presbyterian Church’s Children’s Ministry Team. Our chapel time teaches children the art of using religious language – parable, sacred story, silence, and action. The traditions and rituals of worship are taught at an age-appropriate level.  A different Bible story is told each week using wooden figurines to help the children visualize what is happening. These figurines are also found in each classroom and children are encouraged to retell the story in their own way during their learning time in class. When you discuss chapel time with your child(ren), use the following guides to help reinforce the story that is told to them.

Weekly Chapel Guides

Introduction to Chapel
 (week of Sept 12)
Creation (week of Sept 19)
Abraham and Sarah (week of Sept 26)
Joseph (week of Oct 3)
Exodus (week of Oct 10)
Samuel (week of Nov 7)
The Story of Isaiah (week of Nov 28)
Jesus is Born (week of Dec 5)
Jesus Calls Twelve Disciples (week of Jan 9)
Jesus Heals the Paralytic (week of Jan 30)
Jesus Feeds 5,000 (week of Feb 6)
Jesus and Zacchaeus (week of Feb 13)
Parable of the Treasure (week of Feb 21)
Who is the Greatest (week of Feb 27)
Jesus and the Storm (week of March 6)
Jesus Enters Jerusalem (week of March 27)
Jesus Last Supper (week of April 3)
Easter: Best Day Ever (week of April 17)
Jesus Returns to Heaven (week of April 24)
Jesus Blesses the Children (week of May 8)

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