Taking Bible Study Beyond Sunday

Looking for ways to connect your child’s Sunday Bible study to life throughout the week? Here are some activities and prayers for children:

Preschool & Kindergarten – Isaac is Born

First & Second Grade – Jacob Tricks Esau

Third Grade – Jacob Tricks Esau

Connecting Bible to Life

Ideas for ways to carry the Sunday School Bible Study home this week.

Abraham and Sarah are promised a child- Preschool and Kindergarten

First and Second Grade-Cain and Abel

Third Grade-Cain and Abel

Connecting Bible to life

Check out these resources to help you integrate your child’s Bible Study into your life at home!

God chooses Abraham Genesis 12   for your children ages 3-6

YE_God creates people   for children in grades 1-2

OE_God creates people for children in grade 3


Bible & Kids

Bringing your kids along the life-long journey of Bible Study.   Read more here….

Worship and our children

One Mom’s letter to her young daughter about worship

Holy Week and children

Check out this article about Holy Week and children then join us at First Presbyterian Church for Holy Week services. 

Maundy Thursday ( April 17) (communion and stripping of the Sanctuary) 6:30 p.m.  (Nursery care available)

Good Friday service (April 18) Noon in the Chapel (No nursery care available)

Tenebrae Service (April 18) 7 p.m.   (Nursery care available)

Nursery Care is available for children three and younger.   Children older than 3 are welcome in worship.  


Lent -Week of March 10

Lenten Devotion Kits were distributed through the Sunday School on March 9.  Additional kits are available at the Children’s Welcome Desk.   The centerpiece of the kit is the Love Life Live Lent booklet of actions.  

Giving things up (fasting) and taking things on (feasting)

One of the reasons behind giving some things UP during Lent is in order to focus on God.  And that’s a good thing!  Lent can also be a time of taking some things ON that reflect God’s character – such as doing kind and generous things for others.  That’s our journey together this Lent season as we join the Love Life Live Lent revolution!  

15 Things about Lent You May Not Have Known…….read more

Simple project idea:  The Lenten Tree

Make a “Lenten Tree” to have in your home throughout Lent.  You may like to have it as a focus for prayer.  You could also hang your Love Life Live Lent actions (from your booklet).  We built a Lenten Tree on the wall by the Children’s Welcome Desk — on each tree leaf we wrote scripture verses (click here for some references).  

To make the tree:  either draw a large, bare tree with several branches on a sheet of poster board or look outside for a fallen branch and put it in a bucket/pot where it will stand upright.  

Make a bunch of leaf shapes (can be done as simply as cutting an oval shape from copy paper).  Write out the actions from your booklet (or scripture or your family’s choice for focus).  

Put all the leaves in a box or container.  Each day, it is someone’s turn to pick out a leaf that has the day’s action (prayer, etc) on it.  

When the family has completed the action, hang the leaf on the tree (again as simple as sticking it or you may wish to use pretty ribbon or string).  

On Easter Day

Add yellow and gold ribbons onto your tree to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection!  



Love Life Live Lent!

Lent is the Christian season that takes us from Ash Wednesday (March 5) through to Easter (April 20).  It is 40 days long (the Sundays are not counted) and is linked to the time when Jesus spent 40 days without food in the wilderness.  It is a reminder that Jesus went through suffering, making him stronger and more trusting in God.   Read the story in Matthew 4:1-11.  

Some people today fast during Lent, or give up treats such as chocolate.  They do this to help them focus on God.  Some people decide to show God’s love by being more kind or generous during Lent, or feasting on acts of kindness.  This is what Love Life Live Lent is all about!  

FPC children & their families are invited to join the revolution this Lenten season.  Rather than giving up chocolate or going on a detox, you and your family can make a different during Lent by undertaking an act of generosity each day.  

Sunday, March 9, Lenten Kits will be distributed through the Sunday School.  Inside you’ll find:  

  • The Love Life Live Lent booklet, which contains small and fun actions that can inspire and transform your family, your community, and the wider world. There are 6 types of actions interspersed throughout the 6 weeks of Lent.  Something to do:   at home or with those who look after you; at school or work; to help the environment; to help the community you live in; to help people around the world; to help you pray or be quiet. 
  • A One Great Hour of Sharing coin box.  Some of the generosity actions will include making an offering.  The offering will be received on Palm Sunday (April 13). 
  • A wallplanner you to use to count down the days until Easter. 
  • A bookmark containing Psalm 121.  Pastor Todd will be preaching about this Psalm and challenging our faith community to memorize it. 

Watch this Blog for on-line coaching throughout the season…..we’ll share other simple activities, prayers, and recipes as your family uses this season of preparation to slow down and connect more deeply with God.  

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi

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What people are saying in the pews

We don’t know what the people beside us in worship are saying or thinking as they worship with our small children…maybe they are like this author.

We invite you to use all the worship aids available to you and your children.

  •      booster seats
  •      children’s picture bulletin 
  •      worship bag with materials for the children to use to respond to what they are hearing and experiencing in worship. 
  • Children ages 4 and 5 may attend Young children and Worship during the 8:30 and 11:00 worship services. This worship experience allows young children to worship God in age appropriate ways and helps them prepare to be worshipers in the larger community of faith. 
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