November 4 is Buddy Sunday

Nov 4 is Buddy Sunday; a time when older and younger children get to meet each other and begin to build recognition and  community through prayer and sharing a Bible story together. Our goal for this day is for older children to act as mentors to the younger children and for younger children to meet older children to include in their faith community.

The Love Group (4 year olds) will meet with the Philippians (third graders) during Sunday School.

We invite  the children to pray for each other during the week. Children will bring home a Buddy Book which names their new church friend.

Children’s Sunday School Kick-Off

Sunday, August 19, will begin another 10-month season of Sunday School, a community of belonging for our children.  Prior to the 19th, you will receive an e-mail with details about your child(ren)’s leader, small group & room assignment, etc.   Leaders are already praying for your child(ren)!   We encourage you to escort your child(ren) to their rooms and greet their leaders.

Once your child(ren) are settled, parents are invited to Courtenay Hall where a breakfast will be hosted by Pastor Josh Rodriguez.   A great time for fellowship, food, and some spiritual uplifting through Josh’s message.

Questions about the start of the new season?    Contact Deb O’Brien

Donations needed to prepare for April 22 Milestone

In April at their Milestone Celebration the children in the Love and Grace groups, along with their parents, will create Manna bags to give to the homeless as a caring act of reaching out. To make the manna bags, the following supplies are needed: 16 or 20 oz. bottles of water, Protein bars (chewy not crunchy) and 4 oz. plastic containers of fruit.

Manna bags, named for the food provided by God in the desert during the Israelites time of wandering, are bags that contain healthy foods or items needed by those living on the streets. Families at the Milestone celebration will be encouraged to carry these in their car to give away when they see someone in need.

Your donation before the Milestone of the three items is appreciated. You will find the collection bin at the Children’s Welcome Desk.

Buddy Sunday – Dec. 3, 2017

On Dec 3, the older children visited the young groups of Sunday School. They shared a scripture then were paired up with a buddy to talk about the scripture and get to know each other. Great things happened when young children and older children met. Older children found the role of buddy leader to be fun to fulfill. Younger children were pleased to have the attention of an older child. Each child now has the name of another child to pray for and look for on Sunday mornings.

4th Grade visited Love & Grace:

Ministry for 5 and 6 year olds

Young Children & Worship begins a new season August 20

A new season of Young Children and Worship begins August 20.  This ministry is offered during both 8:30 and 11:00 worship services and meets in Room CW-110 which is located in the Children’s Ministry Wing.  Mickey Fitts and Deb O’Brien serve as YC&W worship leaders each week.  The groups begin worship in the Sanctuary and dismiss to YC&W after the “Time with Children” or Baptism.  Groups will meet weekly through August 2018.

Click here to register your child!  If you or your child have been participating with us, we ask that you please re-register.

Young Children and Worship (YC&W) is a ministry of worship preparation for young children and their parents.  Parents and their children who are ages 4, 5, or 6 and not entering 1st grade this fall (Faith, Love, and Grace Sunday School classes) are invited to participate.  It provides a transition time from the church nursery to the hour-long worship service in the Sanctuary, in which our 1st graders fully participate.

Participation in YC&W  is optional (parent’s choice) as a support to families.  Young children are always welcome to attend the entire Sanctuary worship service at any time parents feel they are ready to participate fully.  We know, however, that it is helpful for some children to have a child-friendly introduction to the traditions, the order of worship, and the elements of worship.

Parents whose children participate in YC&W are also asked to be “helpers” at least one Sunday per month.  This helps equip parents as they guide their child in worship, and also helps parents meet their child’s peer group “community of belonging.”  When you register your child, there will be an opportunity to select your preferences.  A schedule of helpers will be created and communicated by the end of August and will begin in September.

August 14, 2016 will be a special Sunday School event for all ages

This is a special Sunday for Sunday school. Children ages 4 through grade 6 and their parents are invited to Grundy Hall for a special Sunday School activity: God Dwells with us. We will explore the many ways God is with us and blesses us. Our time together will include story, music, and activities for the whole family.

Children’s Sunday School and Choirs Kick-Off on August 21st

Children in 6th grade and younger will meet with their new Sunday School group beginning on August 21 from 9:45-10:45 am! Parents will receive an email with specific details about their child’s class placement in the coming weeks – be on the look out!

Parents, once you check your child into their class, we invite you to a “Breakfast for Parents” in Courtenay Hall. Enjoy delicious food, fellowship with parents, and a few messages from Deb O’Brien, the Director of Ministry with Children & Their Families. There are a number of new and exciting ministries beginning this fall. We look forward to sharing the details and opportunities
with you!

Children’s Choir will Kick-Off is on Sunday, August 21st.
Rehearsal: 4:00 – 5:00 P.M. |  Dinner: 5:00 – 5:30 P.M.

Children (ages 4 through 6th grade) are invited to join Choir.   Click here for schedules, details, and registration.

Lenten Bedtime Prayers

Teach your child(ren) a new prayer (or two) over the course of the 40 days of Lent by taping it by their bed and praying it together every night at bedtime.  Here are some suggestions and some simple directions to follow   Also watch a short video clip that reviews some common ways we pray to God

Read more…

Reaching Out Together Milestone lessons will be held in October

During October 5 and 6 year olds in Love and Grace will be learning about the inclusion of ALL God’s children in the family of faith.  Through books and “buddy talks,” your child will be introduced to the many ways people are the same and the unique ways people are different.

In addition, your child will be introduced to Stu Bear, a cuddly teddy bear who will travel home with each child at some point in the year to learn how families share, care, and help others.  Stu Bear will also bring his journal for families to use in learning about each other!

On October 25th (and periodically throughout the year), your child’s Sunday School group will host a special “guest” who will come and share his or her interests and uniqueness with the children. This year, some guests will have special needs, while some will be from different cultures, and others are from a different generation.  All different and diverse – yet all are included in God’s family!

A new year of Sunday School


It’s not too late to join us join us in Sunday School as we Grow in Grace and Gratitude through Bible Study, service and practicing christian community.


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