Exploring the Sacrament of Baptism

Our Galatians Group (first grade) will be spending three weeks exploring the Sacrament of Baptism. They will learn about 9 symbols related to baptism, hear Biblical stories about water, and talk about our identity as Children of God. Sunday School leaders will guide children through these sessions on January 20, 27 and Feb. 3

Buddy Sunday is Nov. 4

Nov 4 is Buddy Sunday; a time when older and younger children get to meet each other and begin to build recognition and  community through prayer and sharing a Bible story together. Our goal for this day is for older children to act as mentors to the younger children and for younger children to meet older children to include in their faith community.

The Galatians Group (1st grade) will meet with the 5th grade group during Sunday School.

We invite  the children to pray for each other during the week. Children will bring home a Buddy Book which names their new church friend.

Retreat Time! Fun with Friends September 7

Save-the-Date!  Friday evening, September 7,  all children in 1st through 3rd grade are invited to an evening of fun, food, and fellowship.   Parents:  This a perfect opportunity for your child to create new and strengthen old church friendships.  Helping our children connect together as young disciples as they journey towards Youth group will have significant benefits for your child’s faith development.

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Milestone Celebration January 28

Save the Date

The 1st grade Milestone Celebration for children and their parents will be on January 28 from 9:45-10:45 AM in the Sanctuary.   Details coming soon.

Buddy Sunday – Dec. 3, 2017

On Dec 3, the older children visited the young groups of Sunday School. They shared a scripture then were paired up with a buddy to talk about the scripture and get to know each other. Great things happened when young children and older children met. Older children found the role of buddy leader to be fun to fulfill. Younger children were pleased to have the attention of an older child. Each child now has the name of another child to pray for and look for on Sunday mornings.

5th Grade visited the 1st Grade:

Families Serving Together 11-8-17

Room In The Inn has been adopted by our 1st graders.

Click on the event date for details and to register: November 8 

Sunday School Offering – please bring in Hand/Feet Warmers,  Chapstick  &  Men’s Winter Hats

See more Serving Together opportunities for families to share, care, and help others throughout the Nashville community.

October 15 to be a Day of Service during the Sunday School hour

On Sunday, October 15, Sunday School groups will meet together to work on age appropriate service projects. One group will assemble our hygiene kits for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Other groups will have other service projects for the community and our church including helping with preparations for our family Advent Devotions. Join us on this day as we service the Lord with joy-filled hearts.

Moon, Faith, Love and Grace (ages 3-6) will meet in CW 111

Grades 1-3 will meet in The Computer Lab- CC 140

Grades 4-6 will meet in Grundy Hall.

Young Children and Worship Celebration for 1st Graders

On Sunday, August 13, during Young Children & Worship (for both the 8:30 and 11:00 worship services), we will recognize our YC&W friends who are entering 1st grade this August.  They have completed their time in YC&W and, starting August 20, they are ready to begin attending worship in the Sanctuary with you for the full hour (some have already started!). Parents are invited to attend with your child.

Relationships matter—small groups offer everyone a chance to listen and share.

Small groups encourage children to share together and to listen with intentionality. Our Galatians group (first grade) has been learning about the Sacrament of Baptism as part of their Milestone for this year. They gathered on Jan. 8 with their families to hear Pastor Todd talk about the meaning of baptism and the symbols on the Baptismal font.

In the weeks following, they met in small groups to explore different aspects, stories, and symbols of baptism. The conversations were rich as groups members shared together.

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August 14, 2016 will be a special Sunday School event for all ages

This is a special Sunday for Sunday school. Children ages 4 through grade 6 and their parents are invited to Grundy Hall for a special Sunday School activity: God Dwells with us. We will explore the many ways God is with us and blesses us. Our time together will include story, music, and activities for the whole family.

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